26 Jun

The Top Ten Crowdfunding Sites

Looking to raise money for a cause close to your heart? If so, a crowdfunding campaign is the way to go! If you’re not already familiar with the concept, a crowdfunding campaign allows you to raise money for a specific cause online, so you can work with people around the globe to help fund your crusade. Countless groups have successfully raised thousands ─ and even millions ─ of dollars online to reach their fundraising goals.

When it comes to choosing a platform for your donations, not all are created equally. Forbes recently published an article identifying the top 10 crowding funding sites, which include:

1.  Kickstarter: a site where creative projects can receive donation-based funding.

2.  Indiegogo: known as a place where donation-based funding is approved for basically any type of cause.

3.  Crowdfunder: this platform is aimed at helping businesses raise funds.

4.  RocketHub: collects donation-based funding for a wide-variety of creative projects.

5.  Crowdrise: charities and other causes use this site to raise money to support their missions.

6.  Somolend: a site dedicated to lending for U.S.-based small businesses.Word Cloud "Crowd Funding"

7.  appbackr: head here to get funding for your new mobile app project.

8.  AngelList: promising tech startups use AngelList to get their company off the ground.

9.  Invested.in: this software provider offers the tools to start your very own crowdfunding site.

10. Quirky: this site is the place for inventors to mingle and raise funds to create their next big product.

Alejandra Amarilla Tops Kickstarter Goal for Landfill Harmonic

There’s few Kickstarter campaigns more impressive than the story of Landfill Harmonic. A documentary produced by Alejandra Amarilla, the film tells the story of The Recycled Orchestra in Paraguay. The orchestra consists of a group of children from a shantytown called Cateura, and members play musical instruments made from the trash that fills their barrio.

Alejandra Amarilla initially set a fundraising goal of $175,000 to fund costs to produce the film and share this amazing story with the world. However, her Kickstarter campaign was so successful, she was able to raise a total of $214,129 ─ exceeding her goal by an overwhelming 23 percent.

whiteboard schema : crowdfunding cs5Approximately 5,000 people and organizations contributed to the Landfill Harmonic campaign. The goal was reached an entire week before its deadline, making it a raging success. Thanks to the hard work of Alejandra Amarilla, the team working with her, and everyone who generously donated to the cause, the incredible story of the Landfill Harmonic will now be given the worldwide attention it deserves.