13 Apr

Top 3 Most Innovative Music Initiatives

Music is one of the most beautiful languages. It can be shared across cultures throughout the world. However, many music programs have little to no funding. They rely on fundraising campaigns to raise much-needed funds to keep their organizations up and running.

While initiatives like car washes and bake sales will raise some money, these tired methods won’t make a dent in the amount needed to support these programs. The music initiatives below represent a few outside-the-box ways in which music organizations raised serious funds.

Foothill Harmonic Hosts David Benoit

The Foothill Harmonic, based in Claremont, CA, put on a fundraiser to remember this past April,by hosting an evening with Grammy-nominated contemporary jazz pianist/composer David Benoit. The performer played a show lasting approximately an hour and stayed around afterwards to take pictures, sign autographs and chat with attendees.

Additionally, guests enjoyed a fun reception after the concert, including wine and appetizers.

Proceeds from the organization’s largest fundraiser of the year helped provide music education to local students. The Foothill Harmonic is one of 16 affiliate groups dedicated to supporting the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Greenville Symphony Sponsors the Downtown Condo Rondo

The Guild of the Greenville Symphony ,based in Greenville, South Carolina ,held The Downtown Condo Rondo on May 10. The event, a walking tour of five condominiums during Artisphere, helped raise money for the Greenville Symphony Orchestra.

A number of sponsors banded together to make the difficult-to-coordinate event a success. This unique fundraising idea sparked a lot of interest from the community, both raising money for the symphony and promoting the organization in the community.

Landfill Harmonic Kickstarter Campaign

Alejandra Amarilla and her team used an innovative approach to film their documentary of the Paraguay-based youth orchestra Landfill Harmonic.

This touching film was created to promote the incredible children’s orchestra located deep in the barrios of Paraguay. Young musicians play instruments crafted from trash and recycled materials, making the best of what they have.

Alejandra Amarilla and her team used the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to meet their initial fundraising goal of $175,000 to produce the documentary. However, their campaign touched so many people that they were able to exceed their goal by 23 percent, totaling an overwhelming $214,129.

The Landfill Harmonic documentary brings to light the magic that can happen when an entire community works together to promote music. Thanks to Alejandra Amarilla and her team, this incredible story can now be shared with the world. They traveled to Paraguay in 2010 to begin production on the film and returned in 2011 to get updates on the progress of a few of the young musicians.

The dedication this Paraguay community has to music is simply beautiful. The awareness that Alejandra Amarilla and her team has brought to the organization will help them continue to thrive and keep the music alive in their country.