23 Apr

How to Support Music Programs

Documentaries are a great way for organizations to share their story with the world. Many people appreciate the chance to learn more about the music community and the many different groups in need of funding, supplies and other forms of support.

One incredible example of a documentary that made an impact is the work that Alejandra Amarilla did on the Landfill Harmonic. The film received financing through a successful crowdfunding campaign and tells the story of a youth orchestra in the barrios of Paraguay.

Produced by Alejandra Amarilla, the film chronicles the humble beginnings of the group, starting from the creative imagination of a garbage picker who created the instruments for the children from recycled materials such as plastic pipes, metal drums and tin cans.

The film highlights the overwhelming impact music programs can have on a community. Production on the documentary began in 2010, filming a group of children learning to play the drums, violin, cello, flute and more. The crew made a return visit in 2011 to record the progress of three of the talented young musicians.

Alejandra Amarilla Supports Music Programs in Paraguay

The Landfill Harmonic documentary makes it possible to share the story of this amazing music program with the world. Thanks to the hard work of Alejandra Amarilla and the rest of her production team, the moving story highlighting the ability of this group to repurpose trash and recyclables into instruments producing beautiful sounds can serve as an inspiration to all.

Nearly 5,000 people and organizations banded together to fund this life-changing documentary on Kickstarter. Alejandra Amarilla and her team initially set a goal of $175,000 to produce the project but were able to raise 23 percent more, totaling $214,129.

Other Ways to Support Music Programs

Music programs are an important way for both children and adults to express themselves. Creating a documentary highlighting the benefits of the program is a great way to get the word out and help promote the cause. However, it’s certainly not the only way to support these valuable programs.

If you’re looking to help gain funding for a music program close to your heart, there are a number of effective ways to get the word out. In fact, most efforts can be completed in conjunction with one another to increase momentum. The more work done to get the word out, the better the chance of meeting ─ or even exceeding ─ funding goals.

Here are a few other great ways to support music programs:

·        Sharing fundraising efforts on social media

·        Making a monetary donation to the cause

·        Gathering a group of friends and family members to attend performances

·        Volunteering your time to sell tickets to events

·        Donating new and used musical instruments to the group