EVERY CHILD MATTERS-0237Alejandra Amarilla is a dedicated documentary filmmaker and philanthropist who has devoted most of her life to artistic and humanitarian projects. After being born in Paraguay and traveling to many impoverished countries around the world due to her father’s work with the United Nations, Alejandra has grown up with a deep respect for the importance of community and being of service to that community. She currently spends her time working alongside film producer Juliana Penaranda on projects that will help spread awareness on many important humanitarian issues, while incorporating her passion and belief in the arts.

Unleashing Creativity

Alejandra Amarilla co-directed this short documentary film alongside Phyllis Lane. It explores the fruits of two women’s travels around the country, interviewing a huge variety of creative people. The idea behind the film is to show the power of creativity and how it can heal and develop a human life. Alejandra Amarilla has been touched deeply by the power of creativity in her own life, and she wishes to share this gift with others.

Every Child Matters

EVERY CHILD MATTERS-0197_v2This moving short documentary is also an exploration of the healing power of creativity and community. It allows the viewer to get to know a number of amazing children who haven’t had the best start in life but are still going strong. Some of these children began life addicted to drugs, homeless on the streets or suffering from health problems, but because of the love and devotion of those in their community and the healing power of the arts, they are beginning to thrive. When the film was released alongside Unleashing Creativity at the Harkins Movie Theater, over $70,000 was raised for Free Arts of Arizona, a charity that promotes artistic endeavors as a therapeutic method for troubled kids.

Landfill Harmonic

Perhaps Alejandra’s most well-known endeavor, Landfill Harmonic is sweeping across social media networks and inspiring people all around the world. The documentary focuses on an admirable group of children who create beautiful music using instruments that have been built entirely from recycled garbage. The children are from Alejandra’s birthplace of Paraguay, most of them born into terrible conditions with very few resources available. This documentary seeks to raise awareness for communities that are struggling all around the world.

Support for Women and Children Around the World

Aside from her documentary filmmaking, Alejandra Amarilla has devoted much of her time to charity and humanitarian efforts. She has traveled to Uganda with the nonprofit organization Athletes for Africa, helping to raise funds to support and empower the people of the community. She even hosted a charity event for the same organization. Her ultimate dream is to empower women and children all around the world and help them better their lives in any way possible.