18 Jun

Landfill Harmonic Gets Press from NPR

Receiving press from a news organization as huge as NPR is a big deal for anyone, but for the children of Cateura, Paraguay, it could be life changing.

Recently, a Youtube video (also available on Vimeo) featuring the trailer for Landfill Harmonic began to receive viral attention. Created by filmmaker and activist Alejandra Amarilla, the documentary features an amazing group of children who, while born into underprivileged if not outright abysmal conditions, are filled with incredible love, light and hope. These children create beautiful music using instruments built from recycled garbage from the village’s local landfill, and their innovation and creativity have inspired millions worldwide—including those at NPR.

The Producer of the Landfill Harmonic Documentary

Alejandra Amarilla’s nationality is the same as these children, so she relates deeply to this cause. Alejandra was born in Paraguay, and because of her father’s business travels, she developed an intense awareness and connection to the world around her at an early age. Whether or not you share Alejandra Amarilla’s nationality, it’s likely that you will resonate with the amazing work being done in Cateura, Paraguay.

Focus on Creating Better Conditions

Did you know that the people of Earth generate up to a billion tons of garbage each year? Unfortunately, many people are forced to live in unsanitary conditions because they have no other method of dealing with their trash. Recycling garbage and turning it into something beautiful is a wonderful goal, but another goal of Alejandra’s is to educate communities on waste management and help spread the word about the terrible conditions that certain communities around the world are dealing with, whether or not they are Alejandra Amarilla’s nationality.