Thanks to Landfill Harmonic, Alejandra Amarilla’s latest and greatest documentary, thousands of people are opening their eyes to the lengths of human possibility. The story of Landfill Harmonic and the children of Paraguay has been sweeping social media for months. It has proven once again that a handful of people have the power to change the world.

Landfill Harmonic is more than a film. It’s a movement. Through charitable donations and increasing awareness, Alejandra Amarilla and her producer Juliana Penaranda plan to show the world that creativity has the power to alter the course of entire communities.

What is Landfill Harmonic About?

Landfill Harmonic tells the tale of the “Recycled Orchestra,” a group of impoverished children in the village of Cateura, Paraguay. These children have come together to form a musical group using instruments that have been entirely created from recycled garbage. The village of Cateura is built upon a landfill, and since the area doesn’t have many natural resources, most villagers survive by looking for recyclables among the trash. When usable goods are found, they then have to drag the garbage many miles to a recycling center in exchange for a few cents each day.

In 2006, Favio Chávez started working on a recycling program in Cateura. As he spent time with the local children, he saw how much they needed recreation. He chose to open a music school, but since he didn’t have the money to buy instruments, he had to get creative and work with the resources that were there. This innovative story has inspired Alejandra Amarilla, and she has made featuring the children of Cateura in her documentary and sharing their amazing story with the world a priority in her philanthropic work.

The Three Phases of the Alejandra Amarilla Landfill Harmonic Project

  • The film is currently in the stages of post-production. Alejandra has received a number of donations that will help her finish this amazing work. It’s only when the film is completed that she will be able to showcase the power of this movement.

  • The film is to be promoted across all social media outlets to help earn support for the project and inspire others to start similar recycling and creative projects in other struggling countries and villages.

Alejandra Amarilla: Working Hard to Change the World

Alejandra plans to devote her life to making the world a better place for her children, grandchildren, and the billions of other children all around the world. She believes that when you give something back, you get a lot in return, and this theory has been proven by the success she has seen due to her philanthropic efforts. Through educating communities on recycling, waste management, health, creativity and the arts, she plans to leave this world in a better state than she found it.