09 Apr

Landfill Harmonic’s Successful Marketing

Every marketer hopes their campaign will reach groundbreaking levels of success, but not everyone has the ability to do so. Alejandra Amarilla and her team did just that. Their savvy thinking and innovative marketing strategies helped promote the Landfill Harmonic documentary, sharing the beautiful story with millions of people within mere days.

60 minutesLandfill Harmonic Featured on 60 Minutes

Having your documentary featured on 60 Minutes is a dream come true for every filmmaker; however, most never have the opportunity to experience such success. Alejandra Amarilla is certainly an exception, as the Landfill Harmonic documentary had a segment on the show.

The film caught the attention of 60 Minutes producers after she posted a short trailer about the youth orchestra online. The film went viral and, in just a few days, millions of people had watched the trailer and donations for the film and new instruments for the young musicians began pouring in.

In fact, a 60 Minutes crew even traveled to Paraguay to film the group. They were there to see a truckload of new musical instruments arrive for the children ─ a gift from a very generous American music shop owner.

The 60 Minutes team also spent time talking with Don Cola, the humble garbage picker who makes the instruments for the children from trash and recycled items. They were amazed at the man’s ability to create musical instruments from virtually anything, especially as he had never heard classical music or even seen many musical instruments in his life.

The national exposure the film received from this segment is simply amazing. Thanks to the smart marketing techniques used by Alejandra Amarilla, the film received the attention it deserves.

Landfill Harmonic Documentary Touches Millions

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Alejandra Amarilla and her team, the touching story of the Landfill Harmonic is now known worldwide.

The crew began filming in 2010 and returned in 2011 to get an update on the progress of three young musicians. The story chronicles the youth orchestra in the barrios of Paraguay, whose members’ lives have been touched by the power of music.

The children’s families did not have the money to purchase musical instruments for them, so a wildly talented garbage picker crafted them by hand from bits of trash and recycled materials.

The project was financed on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. More than 5,000 donors were so moved by the story that they gave their own money to help fund production costs.

The team set an initial fundraising goal of $175,000 to cover production costs but actually raised $214,129 due to overwhelming support from donors. People felt very empowered by this story and dedicated to creating a bright future for the children of the Landfill Harmonic orchestra.