09 Mar

Why the Landfill Harmonic is Here to Stay

There are a lot of great causes in the world. However, some of the most worthwhile ones never get the attention they deserve because they are unable to garner the necessary support they need.

Thankfully, the story of the Landfill Harmonic is not one of these causes. Alejandra Amarilla has secured a spot in history for this incredible children’s orchestra by providing a platform to tell their story. It’s unlikely the plight of The Recycled Orchestra would have ever left the barrios of Paraguay if she hadn’t worked tirelessly to create a documentary promoting their cause.

The World-Famous Landfill Harmonic

Children living in Cateura, Paraguay do not have the luxury of having musical instruments at their disposal. If it wasn’t for the incredible creativity of one humble garbage picker, these kids would likely never have been given the opportunity to create beautiful music.

When Alejandra Amarilla heard the story of this incredible youth orchestra, she was immediately inspired and wanted to share their journey with the world. Along with a documentary crew, she traveled to Paraguay in 2010 to capture the beauty of The Recycled Orchestra on film. After obtaining amazing footage, the filmmakers returned in 2011 for a follow-up on three young musicians who had recently joined the group.

Alejandra Amarilla and her team were then tasked with raising the funds to create the documentary, a daunting task that many filmmakers see as a long-term or even permanent roadblock. However, thanks to a lot of hard work and some savvy marketing techniques, the team was actually able to surpass their goal, as the story touched the hearts of nearly 5,000 donors.

The Landfill Harmonic is Here to Stay

As the filmmakers were able to exceed their fundraising goal, they used the extra money to send The Recycled Orchestra on a world tour. Not only does this allow people across the globe to have a front row seat to listen to the magic of this group, it also gives children from the barrios of Paraguay a chance to explore the world ─ something that they could only dream of once.

This life-changing experience is all due to the generosity of Alejandra Amarilla and her team. The documentary they created gave this children’s orchestra a platform to share their story with the world. These children live in a landfill, amid piles of garbage, without electricity and running water. Without the help of the filmmakers, they had no way to ever reach the rest of the world.

People across the globe can now purchase the documentary and learn about the incredible children’s orchestra in Cateura, Paraguay. Their story has become so overwhelmingly popular, there’s no way these wonderful children and their love for music will ever be forgotten.