22 Jun

Landfill Harmonic Gets Write up on CBS

Landfill Harmonic, a documentary about the children from Paraguay and the orchestra they’ve created using musical instruments made from recycled trash, has been featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

The Alejandra Amarilla bio was part of the program. Alejandra is an activist, filmmaker and executive producer of the Landfill Harmonic documentary. Being a part of the filmmaking world was always one of her goals, and she continues to strive towards raising awareness by promoting this inspirational film.


Alejandra Amarilla Bio: Learn More About the Film’s Creator

Alejandra was already well-traveled by the time she eventually relocated to the United States. Despite her success as a personal trainer in New York, she felt compelled to stay true to her roots and help those from impoverished countries, such as her birthplace, Paraguay. As you will see in the Alejandra Amarilla bio, Alejandra has contributed to many humanitarian efforts, including helping a foundation’s efforts to give Paraguayan hospitals access to the equipment necessary to screen women for cervical cancer. The producers at 60 Minutes were drawn to the story that Alejandra covered within the documentary.

About Landfill Harmonic Documentary

Landfill Harmonic tells a story that will inspire people all around the world, which is why the trailer for the film has gone viral on Youtube. The documentary takes viewers along on a three-year journey from the creation of the orchestra to the group’s first concert abroad, which takes place in Brazil. It also gives a detailed and inspiring account of the Alejandra Amarilla bio and how she came to be so moved by this story. The incredibly special episode of 60 Minutes aired on November 17 of last year, and segments are available online.