30 Jun

Kickstarted: The First Documentary about Crowdfunding

Kickstarter campaigns have become a wildly successful way to fund projects of all types. Now a group of talented filmmakers are bringing this unique process to the screen in the documentary “Kickstarted: The First Documentary about Crowdfunding.”

The film takes an intimate look at the stories of the people behind these crowdfunding campaigns and the impact it’s made on a variety of industries, such as art, fashion, banking, film, nonprofit, and more. Crowdfunding marks a huge change that will have a lasting impact on the way we do business.

Kickstarted will tell the moving personal stories of the entrepreneurs, filmmakers, philanthropists, and more who have used this innovative fundraising platform to fund projects close to their heart. In fact, the producers are collecting submissions of real life stories from people who have used crowdfunding to finance their projects as a way to highlight the incredible amount of passion and work that goes into each and every campaign.

Crowdfunding Finances Life-Changing Film

Perhaps one of the most moving examples of a successful crowdfunding campaign is that of the Landfill Harmonic ─ a youth orchestra in the barrios of Paraguay. A very talented and creative garbage picker has used his imagination to craft musical instruments such as the violin, flute, drums, and cello from recycled drums, plastic pipes, and tin cans, for the children to play.

This touching documentary was produced by Alejandra Amarilla, who was instantly taken by the story of the Landfill Harmonic. Production began back in 2011, with the film crew documenting the beautiful sounds and amazing spirit of both these children and the surrounding community. Alejandra Amarilla and her team returned to Paraguay in 2012 to update the progress of three budding musicians who had recently joined the orchestra.

Landfill Harmonic is an incredible example of the power of crowdfunding. This amazing story wouldn’t have been shared with the world if not for the sheer dedication of Alejandra Amarilla and her team.

Secrets to Success

The producers set an initial fundraising goal of $175,000 to finance the Landfill Harmonic project. However, they were quickly able to exceed this goal by nearly 23 percent, to an overwhelming $214,129.

Alejandra Amarilla and her team were able to identify their target audience, encourage them to care about the Landfill Harmonic, and make them advocates to share this story with others. They understood that the most important element of a successful crowdfunding campaign is empowering your audience.

The inspirational story of the Landfill Harmonic can now be shared with the entire world, thanks to the tireless work of a production team with a solid vision and the generosity of more than 5,000 donors who were moved by this story.