20 Jun

Landfill Harmonic Exceeds its Kickstarter Goals

In the struggling community of Cateura, Paraguay, children are creating music using instruments made of trash.

Landfill Harmonic is a documentary film about “The Recycled Orchestra,” an amazing project that is changing lives and inspiring minds all around the world. The orchestra features poor children that make beautiful music using instruments that are created entirely from recycled garbage. The story is moving on many levels, because it not only involves the passion and raw emotional energy behind the art of making music, but it also helps people see creative solutions for the growing problem of waste management—something that affects communities all around the world.

The Landfill Harmonic Social Movement

The Alejandra Amarilla Twitter page will soon have more information about the innovative and inspiring social movements taking place around the world. Using the arts to change lives is an idea that many people can get behind, and projects similar to the Recycled Orchestra are developing in other areas around the world. When inspiration reaches millions across the Internet, anything can happen! Follow the Alejandra Amarilla twitter page for the latest updates.  

The Landfill Harmonic Exceeds its Kickstarter Goals

A great number of people care about the Landfill Harmonic project and have become involved in its success. So far, over $200,000 has been donated in less than two months. When it comes to the documentary itself, Alejandra has a few other major goals in mind:

  • Partnering with environmental organizations to help educate people on sustainability and recycling.

  • Raising awareness to other major organizations about opportunities to support struggling communities.

  • Inspiring people to think of innovative ways of recycling and reusing garbage.

  • Motivating youth to become more resourceful, creative and empowered.

  • Bringing attention to the situation in Cateura, where poor families live beside a polluted creek and are forced to sort through garbage to survive.

For more information about the Landfill Harmonic documentary and how to make a donation, follow the Alejandra Amarilla Twitter and Facebook page.