Alejandra Amarilla FAQ

Does Alejandra Amarilla have any social media properties?

Yes. You can follow Alejandra Amarilla on Twitter, @alejaAM369. This is the best place to get instant updates about her personal activities, causes, and general thoughts. If you would like to keep up with the latest developments and screenings of her film, The Landfillharmonic, be sure to check out the official accounts here:

The Landfillharmonic on Twitter
The Landfillharmonic on Facebook
The Landfillharmonic on YouTube
The Landfillharmonic on Vimeo

What is The Landfillharmonic?

The Landfillharmonic is a documentary film conceived and executive produced by Alejandra Amarilla. It follows the inspiring journey of The Recycled Orchestra, a group of impoverished children in Paraguay who turn everyday garbage into beautiful music. Their story has captured the hearts of people across the world, and this film gives viewers a direct insight into their world and challenges our perceptions of poverty, environmental responsibility, and the power of children’s dreams.

Where Can I See The Landfillharmonic?

Visit and sign up for the newsletter to receive ongoing updates about screenings in your area. When the film is available for purchase, you will be able to order it directly from the website, but for right now, the film is being edited and considered for inclusion in major international film festivals.

Where Can I Learn More about The Landfillharmonic?

This groundbreaking documentary has been chronicled in a wide variety of highly respected media outlets, ranging from Oprah Magazine to 60 Minutes. While we invite you to explore the film’s official website, you can read more at Time, Huffington Post, Telegraph, and NPR. There’s also an excellent interview with Alejandra Amarilla at Handmade Music Clubhouse, which really gets to the heart of the film in tremendous detail.

I’m Interested in Hosting a Screening of The Landfillharmonic. How Can I Go About It?

If you would like to learn more about screening opportunities for your festival, public exhibition or private event, visit and get in touch with us using the contact form. A representative will respond to your inquiry right away.

Where Can I Find a Copy of Unleashing CREATIVITY?

Alejandra’s debut documentary film, Unleashing CREATIVITY, can be purchased here on DVD. This inspiring film features interviews with a wealth of esteemed creative professionals from musicians to poets to athletes, and explores the notion of creativity and its ability to transform lives.

How Can I Support Alejandra’s Work?

The best way is to help out is to visit and explore the Get Involved page. You can help make a difference by donating to the completion of this important film, donating musical instruments to the Recycled Orchestra, or volunteering your time to the cause. You can also help spread the word by purchasing Landfillharmonic apparel, all of which is made from eco-friendly materials.