Alejandra Amarilla has achieved many different goals in her life, and she feels blessed because of all the experiences she has lived through. Growing up, she traveled the world due to her father’s work in the United Nations, and in this time, she experienced many different countries and cultures. She also witnessed a lot of poverty and saw areas that she had the help improve. Not only is helping others incredibly empowering, but it will also help improve the world for generations to come.

A Flourishing Career

Alejandra Amarilla relocated to the United States and began a career as a personal trainer in New York City. Through training others and helping them become the best versions of themselves that they could possibly be, she knew she was helping to drive positive changes in people’s lives. However, despite living and working in a privileged country, she never forgot her roots and felt compelled to raise awareness and make a positive impact for less fortunate communities around the world.

Many Humanitarian Achievements

Over time, Alejandra Amarilla decided to refocus her efforts onto her humanitarian projects. One of her major achievements was helping a foundation in its efforts to supply a pediatric cardiology ward in Paraguay with basic medical supplies and equipment, which allowed the doctors and nurses to better serve their community. Previously, citizens of Paraguay had to travel to Brazil for most of their children’s cardiac medical needs. Now, children who become seriously injured or ill have a better chance for survival.

Helping Women and Children

Alejandra Amarilla has also worked hard to support organizations that aid women and children. She has traveled to northern Uganda for Athletes for Africa, hosting charity events and soliciting donations for the organization. In 2009, she hosted an event for Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona, and she has done extensive work for the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, an organization that provides microcredit loans for women who want to start small businesses.

She co-directed two different documentaries: Unleashing Creativity and Every Child Matters, both of which promote the organization and support the idea that art, music and creativity have the power to heal abused and homeless children all around the world.

A Movement for Change

IMG_6364Alejandra feels that she’s been very blessed in her life, and she would like to continue to work to give something back. Her current project, Landfill Harmonic, is a documentary that focuses on a children’s orchestra group in Paraguay who are creating beautiful music using instruments made from recycled garbage. It’s this sort of innovation and creativity that fuels Alejandra onward toward a life of even greater achievement. Born in Paraguay herself, this documentary is very close to her heart and strikes a very personal chord. Now that she has achieved so much, she is on a mission to make the world a better place for women and children everywhere.

Alejandra’s Greatest Achievement

When she isn’t doing her work, Alejandra is busy raising her children, Lola, Bella and Matteo Joel. Their faces are a reminder of why she works so hard to make the world a brighter place.