05 Apr

3 Reasons Crowdfunding Works

Over the past couple of years, crowdfunding has become an enormously popular way to raise money for a wealth of creative endeavors, from new product inventions to blockbuster hits such as Zach Braff’s new film, Wish I Were Here. It’s remarkable to consider how quickly this trend has become commonplace in our society, but perhaps it should come as no surprise. .

3 Reasons Crowdfunding Works

There are a number of reasons why crowdfunding has been so wildly successful. However, the following likely offer the biggest explanations:

1. People Love to Support a Good Cause

In general, people really enjoy being part of something good. If someone has the extra money to donate to a cause they believe in, they’re going to do so. Helping to support a cause close to your heart is something many people cherish.

2. It’s Fun

Let’s face it. Being part of a crowdfunding campaign is really fun. There’s only a limited amount of time to raise money for the cause, so the campaign period is filled with energy as supporters work hard to create momentum for the cause. Donors can typically keep track of the progress towards the goal in real time, making it fascinating to watch the magic that can happen when people work together on something worthwhile.

3. Donors Receive Tangible Benefits

While many people are more than willing to donate for a cause and receive nothing but satisfaction in return, it’s always more fun to receive tangible benefits. Those donating to crowdfunding campaigns are often privy to special benefits such as product memorabilia, movie screenings, access to special events and much, much more.

Alejandra Amarilla Runs Wildly Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Paraguayan filmmaker Alejandra Amarilla knows a thing or two about running a successful crowdfunding campaign. She recently completed an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised an overwhelming 23% more than the target goal.

The project was The Landfill Harmonic documentary, based on a children’s orchestra in the barrios of Paraguay that plays musical instruments made from trash. Alejandra Amarilla and her team first visited the group in 2010, documenting their incredible music program. They returned to film follow-ups on three of the children in 2011.

While the team planned to turn the footage into a documentary, they needed to raise $175,000 to fund production costs. The story of The Recycled Orchestra touched the lives of nearly 5,000 donors, garnering a total of $214,129.

As a result of the success of this campaign, Alejandra Amarilla and her team were not only able to complete The Landfill Harmonic documentary, but they used the additional funds to help the members of The Recycled Orchestra embark on a worldwide tour.

The success of this Kickstarter campaign makes it possible for the story of this incredible group of children to be shared with the world. People can watch The Landfill Harmonic documentary for years to come, serving as a source of inspiration to all.